Reasons for using our services

Emergency Medical Help

Medical Emergencies, when they happen can be catastrophic and can be life threatening very quickly in extremes of age groups. The Children and the elderly. Many a times, it is too late by the time expert medical help is reached, at an appropriate hospital due to logistical reasons.

By Triggering a buzzer at home of elderly people who are unfamiliar with smart phones or by triggering an app in a smart phone for those who are using them, an immediate call back is generated by the Control center to a registered mobile number. If the call is not answered, then a land ambulance with trained crew and ICU equipment will respond in the shortest possible time. Initial stabilization starts immediately and the patient is transported to the hospital of your choice. If the emergency is severe and time critical, then, under the guidance from the control center, the land ambulance is diverted to the nearest designated helipad. Our standby helicopter will be mobilized within minutes to that helipad. The patient is then flown to the most appropriate super speciality hospital.

Trauma in a Road Traffic Accident

Minor and moderate injuries turn to severe and fatal injuries on Indian roads on a daily basis. By the time a bystander takes the effort to call the emergency services or the person is transported to the nearest (may not be the most appropriate) hospital by bystanders, it is too late. The treatment only starts when the victim reaches the appropriate trauma center.

Our subscribers will have their cars fitted with our crash sensing devices which can also detect sudden decelerations apart from crashing of windscreens and air bags deployments. In the event of that happening, or by manually triggering our app or by directly calling our emergency help-line number, our nearest available land ambulance with trained medical crew and equipment will respond immediately. Upon assessing the severity of the injuries and the same being communicated to our control center, a decision can be made to deploy our dedicated HEMS helicopter with trained Advanced Trauma Care Specialist doctors. The facilities of the hospital ICU bed literally, are flown to the site of trauma. Treatment begins on site and the patient is transported to the most appropriate Level 1 Trauma center for continuation of treatment.

Injury While Traveling

Each year, thousands of travelers experience unexpected serious or life-threatening injuries or medical illnesses. Most of them are unfamiliar with the locally available medical expertise and hospitals. Valuable time is wasted and adds to the distress of the people involved in trying to reach the appropriate help. Unfamiliarity with the local language also plays a role. In many far reaching areas, medical facilities may be non-existent.

By subscribing into our short term travel cards, just to cover you while you are traveling into our area of operations, you can avail all the services that are accessible to our full subscribers. Religious pilgrimages, Road traffic accidents, sports and adventure related injuries or any medical emergency happening during travelling can be responded to in exactly the same manner as explained above.

Cost of Medical Transportation

Even after the initial stabilization, they still face the high cost of medical evacuation back. Individuals who cannot afford the cost of a medical transport, are stranded away from home.

Air Medical transportation back to home city is also covered in our short term travel cards. Our ICU converted aircrafts and Doctors provide an un-interrupted continuous critical care therapy in transit. Therefore, we are in a position to transfer a patient with severe level of criticality.