Truaid has a fleet of 2 types of land ambulances.

Intra-city Rapid response vehicles

These are fitted with Life saving equipment and the crew are trained in rapid response, scoop and run maneuvers. These vehicles will predominantly be used to reach you in the minimum possible time and transfer you safely to the hospital of your choice within the city.

State-of Art Specially built ICU Ambulances

These are designed in USA and custom built for Truaid. These are robust, fully equipped Intensive care units on wheels. Can carry more than one stretcher patient along with family members and medical crew. The equipment onboard can provide all the medical facility of a bed-side ICU in a major hospital. We are strategically positioning them on highways, district headquarters and tier 2 and 3 townships. These as well as other privately owned similar caliber ICU ambulances will be used as first responders to any emergency calls coming from outside the cities.