How it works


TRUAID subscription provides fully-staffed medical evacuation by Land ambulances or by dedicated Air Ambulances for individuals, families, holiday groups and senior citizens.

If serious medical emergency or a traumatic injury occurs anywhere in our area of operations, we will immediately respond by a specialized land ambulance. If clinically warranted, we will deploy an air ambulance with our expert medical crew to stabilize the criticality and then speedup the transfer to a super speciality hospital.

Our Rapid response helicopter (HEMS) with an expert Doctor and support staff on standby will be able to respond within 200 kms of our HEMS Base, our helicopter can be deployed within minutes of receiving the call from our first responder ambulance on site.

Truaid subscription also provides guaranteed medical air transfer to bring you home, no matter where you are in the world (subject to add on packages); we'll also bring your family members and dependents home at no extra cost.

Truaid Subscription can cover all travelers, regardless of age or existing medical conditions or the duration of their travel. Subscription also includes numerous other emergency and non-emergency advantages.

Use our online application or give us a call to activate an affordable short-term or long-term subscription for immediate or future coverage; no paperwork or mandatory medical examinations or investigations are required.